6 Common Laptop Repairs

It’s always nice to get a new laptop but old ones can be repaired.  Like any computer, the cost of the repairs needs to be weighed against the costs of a new system.  Here are six typical repairs that laptops may need, estimate for the required time and the cost of the parts.laptopmotherboardrepair

1 New Keyboard

The most common problem I have seen is a missing key on a laptop.  A lot of new computers are using island keyboards which don’t lose keys like normal keyboards.  Keyboards are typically not expensive to replace.  A typical laptop keyboard is $20-40.  It usually takes about 30 minutes of labor to replace.

2 New screen

A new screen cost really depends on the model of the laptop.  Some screens are much more expensive than others.   Typically the cost of the screen $40-$90.   It will take about 1 hour to install a new screen.

3 New touchpad or replacement body part

Sometimes body parts crack just under regular use. It really depends on the body part being replaced.  Palm Rests which may include the touchpad can cost anywhere from $50-$150 depending on the model. As models get older the parts are usually are cheaper.  Plan on about 1 hour of labor to replace a broken body part.

4 New Hard Drive

All hard drives will eventually fail.  Laptops are typically moved around more and if dropped are likely to suffer a hard drive failure.  I new hard drive is around $50-70 depending on the size of the drive.  It usually takes about 10 minutes to install but may require a significant amount of time to recover and move the data to the new drive.  If replacing a hard drive sometimes upgrading to a solid state drive will improve performance and be only slightly more expensive than a regular hard drive.

5 Water damage

Water sometimes is spilled on the laptop and things just are not right afterward.   Sometimes the water will work its way to the motherboard and a replacement is required.   The cost of a motherboard varies considerably.  It will take at least 1 hour of time to replace the motherboard.

6 Power Jack

The most common problem I have seen is the power jack doesn’t make good connection anymore. Some models the fix is pretty easy, these systems require minimal disassemble and a new power jack assembly.  Other models require un-soldering the jack from a daughterboard or even the motherboard and a new one soldered into place.  The jacks are not usually expensive ($2-$25) but it can take 1.0 – 1.5 hours of time to disassemble the laptop and replace the jack.

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