Cleaning a Computer

Computers do get dirty over time. As we use them the keyboards and attached devices become filled with dust and debris, laptop screens become covered with fingerprints and dust. Many people may not realize that the insides of computers get caked up with dust, dirt and pet hair. Cleaning a Computer is part of regular maintenance. A computer usually has one or more fans inside to pull cool air in and pass it over the components inside. The process, memory, video card, and power supply all need this constant flow of cooler air to keep them running optimally. Laptops need this flow of air as well but use smaller fans and are designed a little different from desktops.

Over time this dust, debris, pet hair and even bugs can get sucked into the PC and build up all over the inside causing the computer to operate at a higher than normal temperature. This will negatively impact performance and potentially cause premature hardware failure.

Really dust heat sink and exhaust fan
Location of typical power supply
Location of typical power supply

So, part of maintaining your computer is to periodically dust out the inside. Cleaning the inside of the computer is relatively easy to do with a few simple tools (Phillips head screwdriver and canned air). Most desktop computers either have a few Phillips head screws or a thumb screw securing the side panel in place. Simply unscrew these and remove the side panel to reveal the desktop components which may have some significant dust accumulated on them. Then take some canned air and use it to blast the dust out (do not touch the insides with any tools or your hands. Also do not invert the canned air…keep it right side up). We recommend you do this outside otherwise you will be blasting it all over your office or living area. Make sure to dust out all fans, especially the one over the processor/heat sink. You can also blast some air into the back of the power supply (usually located towards the top of the desktop and is where your power cable plugs into) to make sure it is dust free as well.

Laptop Cooling Vents
Laptop Cooling Vents

Laptops need to be kept clean as well. The heat sink/fan on a laptop can accumulate dust as well and should periodically be cleaned. Additionally, it is always a good idea to keep the screen clean and free of fingerprints, keep the chassis clean and keyboard free of debris. Using some canned air you can blast the dust out of the vents and any debris from the keyboard. Using a damp, but not wet towel to wipe down the exterior of the laptop usually will work well. Sometimes greasy fingerprints on the screen need a little extra cleaning, a small amount of eye-glass cleaner and a micro-polish towel will work well.

Can of Compressed Air for Cleaning


At Blazedog Computer Consulting we clean EVERY computer that we work on regardless of the computer service. So if you have your computer repaired by Blazedog Computer Consulting it will have its internals dusted out, and case/chassis/screen cleaned before we deliver it back to you…at no extra charge! As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask by emailing us, calling,  or posting it on our Facebook page.

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