Comcast Network Setup

So you are signing up for Comcast XFINITY Internet Service.  There are a few pieces of equipment you will need to purchase if you don’t already have them.

motorola-cable-modem-imageComcast recommends that you have a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem.  Comcast has a list of supported equipment that Comcast for XFINITY Internet  When shopping for equipment you will want a modem that support IPV6.  Comcast does support IPV6 and most modem operating systems do support IPV6 by default.  IPv6 support will become more important in the future as the IPV4 address space is exhausted.

You will need to activate the modem with Comcast.  After you hook up your modem and connect a computer to the modem you can open a browser to an IP address and the modem will take you to the Comcast XFINITY setup page.  On this page, you will associate your modem with your Comcast XFINITY account. However it doesn’t always work so you still may need to call Comcast, be sure to that you have the HFC MAC Address handy (located on the label) as this is the unique identifier Comcast uses to identify your modem.

Some devices support WiFi and some don’t.   If the cable modem you purchase doesn’t support WiFi and you want wireless service you will need to purchase a home gateway.

Generally, for the setup with XFINITY, you will need to select the following options in your wireless gateway setup.  Follow the directions for hooking up the home gateway.  Select in the gateway configuration to Connect to the cable modem to the internet with DHCP.  The following configuration should not be used PPPoE, PPTP, LT2p, Static.  The MTU should be set to default.

For the home networking WiFi, we recommend that WPA2 with AES encryption as it is most secure.  Also, along shared key is best.   You can make yours really long and easy to remember. “TheBlackCatAteAGiantRedFrog” is way more secure than a shorter password like “Let Me In”.  Adding in a few numbers and special characters will make it even more secure.

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