Computer Tune-Up

When you got your new computer it probably ran really fast. Now that you have used it for a bit, it doesn’t seem to run as fast. What could be going on?

Your Computer likely needs a tuneup

Unwanted Programs and Files accumulate on the computer causing to run slower. Sometimes Updates are not installed so you don’t have the latest security updates and performance improvements.

Your computer may also run slow because of  Dust!  Dust can accumulate in the fans causing the system to overheat. When this happens, we need to open the computer case and remove the dust with compressed air. A CPU running at normal temperature will perform better than an overheated CPU.

A Computer Tune-Up

What we do on every tune-up for Window Computers.  Apple MacIntosh Computers get similar service however some items on the list are not applicable.Computer Tune-Up

  • Verify the system fans are working and moving air over the CPU to cool it.
  • Verify that restore points are enabled and create a restore point
  • Identify hidden and high-risk software installed on the system
  • Run diagnostics to make sure the drive is not beginning to fail
  • Perform a filesystem check
  • Verify AntiVirus Software is set up and updated, scan the system for viruses
  • Install essential windows updates
  • Update outdated software to latest versions
  • Remove Temporary / Unwanted Files
  • Remove Unwanted and high-risk Software
  • Check defrag settings, be sure it’s working
  • Check installed browsers are working and no unwanted plugins are installed
  • Optimize start-up programs for quicker boot times
  • Backup all personal Data to Flash or DVD (If Requested)

Your computer doesn’t have to run slow, often removing unwanted software will get your system to run great again.  If we find a virus or malicious piece of software we can remove that during the computer tune-up.

We fix all Brands of Laptop and Desktop Computers

We service Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Alienware, Asus and custom built computers.


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