Hardware vs Software Repair

Many of our service calls over the last month are for issues like Norton causing computer crashes, Antivirus Software disappearing, new computer setups, network setups, virus removals, slow computer, WiFi not working. Software createdSONY DSC all of the problems except for the WiFi not working.  The WiFi Adapter, in this case, was an obsolete piece of hardware connected to a new computer, which is in a sense a software problem.  There have been no driver updates for that device since 2008, and it just doesn’t work with Windows 8.

Most folks are quite surprised to learn that we are a software business. Over 90% of the computer related problems we fix are software problems.  Hardware today is just much more reliable and cheaply replaced than it was a few years back.   Most people balk at spending $200 to fix a motherboard on their old computer when they can purchase a new computer for about the same.

We don’t shy away from hardware repairs; it’s just that most of the problems people call about are software problems.  If you have an actual hardware problem, we can diagnose it and give you an estimate for repair.

So what is software? Software is any programs on your computer that you use. Your browser, office applications, cameras and printers, email, antivirus, Facebook..the list could go on and on.

Here is a list of common software issues

  • Most viruses are software related (we can fix these, even remotely)
  • Most computer crashes are due to software (we can usually correct these, not all remotely)
  • If your internet works, the chance we can fix your software problem remotely is GOOD

Here is a list of common hardware problems

  • Your computer doesn’t boot up at all
  • You hear a grinding or click noise, it’s probably a fan
  • Computer turns on but no video
  • Computer turns on and beeps a lot
  • The keyboard or mouse don’t work

Please consider Blazedog Computer Consulting next time you have a computer problem. If the computer boots up we can tackle it remotely if not we can come to you.  We service Greeneville, TN and the surrounding communities of Jonesborough, Limestone, Chuckey, Mosheim, Morristown, Afton, Johnson City, Bristol, and Kingsport.


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