How to hook up a universal power supply to your laptop

How to hook up a universal power supply, Image of How to hook up a universal power supply to your laptop

As part of my On-Site Computer Repair business, I have come across many people with dead laptop power supply. So how to hook up a universal power supply for your laptop.

If you are handy with a voltmeter, you can diagnose the laptop power supply yourself.  Just take the contacts of your voltmeter and check the voltage between the inside and outside of the plug.

There are many options to replace your laptop powers supply.  If you are not in a rush power supplies can be purchased online for 50% less than a local computer store.  But if you need one today, you are most likely to find a universal power supply.

The typical laptop power supply included by the manufacturer meets the exact voltage of the laptop and contain a single molded plug to connect to the laptop. Universal power supplies are different from the power supply that came with your laptop computer.   A universal power supply must connect to multiple brands of computers and support different voltages.

Here are the steps to connect the universal power supply.

  1. Look at your old power supply.  It should have written on it the output voltage (should range from 9v – 20v).  The picture below is 18.5vTri-Cities on-site computer repair dead laptop power supply
  2. On your new power supply, it should have a switch to change the voltage.  Set the voltage to the same setting as the original power supply. On this power supply, there is a sliding switch to select the voltage on the lower left part of the picture.Tri-Cities Mobile computer repair New Power Supply
  3. Most universal power supplies have multiple connectors.  You need to try each one to find the best fit with the power jack on your laptop. Tri-Cites on-site computer repair universal computer supply connectors

If your laptop power supply is not working right, call my mobile Computer Repair – Blazedog Computer Consulting.  We can help diagnose your laptop power supply and get you up and running with a new one.


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