Keeping a Mac Running Great

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Apple Mac Computers are a great platform and generally very easy to use.  One great thing about them is that they generally require little maintenance but here a few great things to do to take care of your Mac and Keep your Mac running Great.


Make a backup of your hard disk.  This is important because even though the platform is very stable and doesn’t require lots of maintenance it is difficult to recover data if the hardware is damaged or a malicious program has damaged your computer.  Using Time Machine is a great way to create a backup so you can recover files that have been damaged or lost in case of a hardware failure or software failure.

Install OS Updates

Apple typically releases updates that address known security issues.  Your Mac will run best with the latest OS X update. To enable automatic notifications of updates go to Software Updates in the preference pane and set up notification of updates OS X and Other Mac App Store products.

Don’t install crap

On the Mac, there are lots of tools that are just going to make your computer run slower and annoy you.  Be on the lookout for anything that is “toolbar”, “enhancer”, “optimizer”, “accelerator” “cleaner”, “doctor”, “tune-up”, “derangementer”, “defender”, “protector”.  Especially if the product requires a fee.   Most (but not all) performance optimizing software for the Mac is bogus and you would be better off without it.

Macs are susceptible to Trojans

A trojan is malicious software (“malware”) that the user is duped into installing voluntarily. Such attacks were uncommon on the Mac platform until around 2011, but are now common, and increasingly dangerous.

There is some protection against downloading malicious software but I would not rely on it.  If you don’t know that something is legitimate don’t run it. Always check checksums on Open Source packages and verify that the installer is digitally signed before installing it.

Never download anything from a website that says your computer has a virus.

Keep free space on your boot volume

Filling up your home folder until you get warnings is not a good idea. A free tool OmniDiskSweeper may help you identify large files that can be deleted.   If you really need more space, invest in an external drive or upgrading your drive.

Using the tips above should keep your mac running great for a long time.  If you need help fixing your Mac Computer Blazedog Computer Consulting can help.

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