Malware Removal

Did you know that most computers I repair have 5-7 pieces of malware installed on them? Today malware can come from a variety of sources and some of it can be difficult but not impossible to remove.

Today there are several different types of malware out there:

  • Traditional Virus – These viruses can infect operating system files and may install themselves into the Master Boot Record on the hard disk. So even if you clean the affected files it will return when the system is rebooted.
  • Adware / Spyware – This type of software usually installs itself as part of a downloaded program. It may redirect your browser to sites you didn’t want to go. It will usually impact the performance of the computer. This type of malware may install a key logger or web proxy to intercept all of your web traffic.
  • Rogue Software – This is a relatively new threat that got some attention with the FBI virus. Often this type of virus takes your data and holds it ransom. You need to pay the people who created the virus to retrieve the data. Unfortunately, the latest ones use strong encryption making data recovery nearly impossible. This means you really must be more diligent about system backups.
  • Rootkits – Rootkits are usually buried deep within the operating system. Often they are very difficult to detect and the only symptoms may be some odd behavior of the computer.
  • Worms – Worms are software that you execute on your system, they typically are sent via email. They are usually socially engineered to look like something you want to open and view but then install themselves and attempt to contact other people in your contacts to replicate themselves.
  • Often times the CPU utilization of the system will be 100% and the system will almost be unusable.

We take a different approach to malware/virus removal than a lot of BIG shops. We find the root cause, eliminate the malware and keep it away. Some BIG shops will simply reformat your hard drive and install a new copy of the operating system. Leaving YOU several hours of work to reinstall lost software, preferences, even your pictures, and documents.

We guarantee that the Malware will not return and restore your system to its original level of performance.

If you are looking for the best Malware Removal Company in Greeneville Tennessee and surrounding communities of Mosheim, Jonesborough, Telford, Chuckey, Limestone, Gray, Johnson City, consider Blazedog Computer Consulting as your fastest choice. Affordable Computer Repair Service. Complete repair center. 1 Day Service

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