Memory vs Storage

We often see some confusion about what is memory vs. storage.  People often think they require more memory but need more storage instead or vice versa.

Memory is the where the CPU stores information that it needs to have immediate access to.  For example, software resides in the memory while it is running.  More memory means more programs can run simultaneously.  The modern operating system typically confuses this a little with something called virtual memory.   Virtual Memory allows the Operating system to store information  in storage that will not fit in memory simultaneously.  Virtual Memory gives the computer a larger overall capacity.

Storage is where program data and software reside permanently.  When a program starts, the operating system loads it off the disk and places it in memory.

So here are the essential differences between storage and memory

Storage is:

  • Permanent
  • Slower than memory
  • Larger capacity than memory


  • Temporary
  • Faster than storage
  • Smaller capacity than storage

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