Using Plex Media Server to stream BTV

Using Plex Media Server to stream BTV, Image of Using Plex Media Server to stream BTV

Do you have a set-top device for your TV? I have both the Roku and Google TV systems in my house. I have a Windows 7 PC that is a DVR and records off the air programming using SnapStream Beyond TV. I don’t like to sit in front of my computer to watch TV. So here is how I stream from the DVR PC to my Google TV and Roku system.

I installed Plex on my Beyond TV DVR computer. I use a program called FileBot to change the names of the TV shows that Beyond TV records. Beyond TV records show using the name format Series-Name_Episode-Title.  I use FileBot to rename them to the format that Plex uses – Series-Name_Season-Number_Episode-Number. After renaming the files they magically appear in my Plex server complete with metadata, such as when the TV show first aired and a brief description like you find in the TV guide.

Plex media server tri-cities on-site-computer-repair


Plex is a DLNA server designed to distribute media in the household.  My Plex Server also has all of my digital music, home movies and pictures available for streaming to my Roku, Google TV and any other PC in the house.

Here are links to the software we used:

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