Windows 8 User Interface not like previous windows

If you have recently bought a new PC you probably have Windows 8.  Windows 8 is the latest version of the Windows Operating System from Microsoft.  It has not been a very good release for Microsoft financially as the adoption rate for the new OS is pretty low compared to other Windows versions. The Windows 8 User Interface is different from the previous versions of windows.

The goal of the Windows 8 user interface was to create one unified interface that works on both tablets and desktops.  Most people will find the user interface more confusing on a desktop.  The big changes in the user interface are:  (1) The PC starts with a window containing a bunch of tiles  (2) If you launch the Windows desktop the start button is gone but otherwise looks like windows 7.

Luckily there a few solutions to make Windows 8 more like the older version of windows.   There is an open-source classic shell that looks just like the old windows you know and love.    If you want the start button back give me a call and I can help you fix it.

Of course, there is a rumor that Microsoft will be bringing back the start button in a future Windows 8.1 release.

Windows 8 User Interface


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